AutoDriven has a diverse and dedicated team who will share their expertise and support with you every step of the way. Our Drive Team of experienced and accomplished Pro Drivers will design, plan and customize drive modules, courses and street drives to meet the specific vehicle objectives and best highlight features and benefits. With passionate bi-lingual facilitators, right seat drivers and trainers with decades of experience at the corporate, national and dealership levels.

Content Development

The AutoDriven team has been involved in dealer training for over 20 years and brings with them a unique understanding of the automotive market. What we do best is provide an authentic and memorable training experience, focusing on ways to bring to life the story of the brand and the competitive advantages.

We have program managers who work with the technical writers to ensure requirements are communicated and questions answered.

AutoDriven has a diverse team of experienced and knowledgeable product experts and technical writers who are perfectly bi-lingual.

AutoDriven has the capability to write and translate French PPT training decks, participation guides, facilitator guides and handout materials.

Instructor-Led Facilitation at Training Centre


  • AutoDriven has a passionate bi-lingual team of facilitators with decades of experience at the corporate, national and dealership levels.
  • Our facilitators are experts on training sales associates from multiple dealerships in large conference settings.
  • They are experts at keeping the audience engaged, making the training materiel interesting and explaining even the most technical of systems in a way that is easy to understand

Remote Virtual Instructor-Led Facilitation

AutoDriven facilitators have conducted hundreds of product knowledge training seminars by live video conference.

We have created numerous brand training, product training, and driver training videos for many automotive manufacturers.

AutoDriven facilitators are friendly and personable discussion leaders able to captivate their audiences during virtual training exercises.

Our experienced program managers always ensure all-details, and every inevitability is covered to ensure a seamless high-quality training experience

Our internal Tech team has supported some of the largest vehicle launches and training events this country has seen utilizing our state of the art and professional grade A/V and computer equipment.

In-Store Facilitation

AutoDriven facilitators make concepts easy to understand and relate to by using personal experience and promoting participation ensures our facilitators make a connection with their audience, providing a productive and memorable training experience.

AutoDriven facilitators have the ability to train both sales and service teams. Branding, product knowledge and technical training is much easier to absorb and retain when it comes from a facilitator who is comfortable, charismatic and confident.

AutoDriven has been providing in-dealership training for automotive manufacturers across North America for over a decade.

We have the depth of training talent to provide training in over 400 dealerships across the country per annual quarter.

Train the Trainer

AutoDriven facilitators make the most of Train the Trainer sessions as they understand their immense importance. They can anticipate any potential oversights and have a knack for putting themselves in their audience's shoes in order to understand the best way to deliver the material.

With experience in various departments of the dealership and industry, the AutoDriven team has the capability to create several different hands on and experiential exercises to increase the overall training experience.

Project managers will ensure the facilitator has all the logistics, tools and resources for on-line success.

Creating a process to communicate the branding and technical information to the facilitator.

Project managers will understand the training objectives and create a list of unique event style ideas, training methods and exercises .